Eco salon in Billericay

LJR leading the way to go green

We are excited to be the first ever Eco Salon in Billericay!

Why are we doing this?

The hair and beauty industry is known as one of the highest contributors on the high street
for plastic waste and chemical disposal into our water systems.
We discovered green salon collective that solves all of our waste issues.

Here’s what we will do through them:

The aim is to ensure that none of our waste goes to landfill. We will have separate bins for
separate waste, so all of our waste will go into its own bin that will be sent off to be
reused or recycled for the following:

  •  Long Hair can be donated for wigs for the little princess trust.
  • All other hair from cutting will be gathered and put into its appropriate bin to help clean
    up oil spills in the sea. It can also be used as compost for its protein and nitrogen
  •  Hair foil is recycled and re-used
  •  Colour tubes and hairspray cans for example will all be recycled
  • Chemical waste from colour will be re-used to generate electricity
  •  Recycling PPE, ensuring it does not go to landfill
  •  Recycle/Re-use all plastic product bottles
  • Paper packaging and paper cups will all be recycled
  •  Coffee grounds, tea bags and food waste will also be recycled

What else will we be doing to help the cause?

  • We have new Eco heads – a shower head that uses 65% less water than a regular
    shower head to go onto our basins.
  •  Introduction of Oway products – 99% plastic free and fair-trade haircare range with a
    refill station for clients to bring back their ‘empties’ for refill rather than re-buy.
  •  We will be continuing the mission to address other areas of the salon and we can tweak
    to comply with our new way of thinking and working. ​

We are so excited to begin this journey and look forward to making a positive change for the planet.

This is the Green Salon Collectives website which will give further info that will be useful:

Best Regards

Michael & The LJR Team